Faculty of Agriculture, University of Subang 6 Year Not Accredited

SUBANG - Apparently, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Subang (Unsub) since its establishment six years ago did not have accreditation. Growled no status, students were finally doing rallies the faculty.

Demonstrations are conducted dozens of students on the campus of the Faculty of Agriculture unsub them, on Wednesday (03/09/2011) morning. They demanded the realization of the faculty accreditation.The rally was marred action tire fuel, as a form of disappointment towards the foundation which was considered not to fight for their place terakreditasinya studying. In fact Unsub already graduates."This action is the culmination of our disappointment, because so far the foundation only gave promises alone. Whereas before we had frequent dialogue with them," said granddaughter at the site.Meanwhile, according to Vice Rector Unsub, Bambang, yet terakreditasinya Faculty of Agriculture is one of them because the cost factor. It does not have a cost because there are many students who have not paid off administration.

History UnsubUnsub has seven faculties. However, until now only three faculty who already have their accreditation status.Unsub embryo originated from the Foundation inaugurated the University Kutawaringin Subang Kutawaringin (Unkuwa) in November 1964.At that time there is a new Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge (FHPM), as a class far Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD), which then opened iuga Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Guidance and Counseling), fillial IKIP Bandung in 1965.Because of various things being Kutawaringan Subang University in 1969 stopped including the effect of the prohibition of State Universities are not allowed to open a remote class.Subsequently in 1982, the Foundation raised Kutawaringin Subang Back and the opening of the High School of Administrative Sciences (STIA) in collaboration with Universitas Padjadjaran (Padjadjaran University), Bandung, in order to improve the quality of human resource Subang District Government, and Society Subang in general.Further Technical High School built (STT) Kutawaringin Subang in 1997, in order to anticipate the needs of factory labor in the subdistricts Pabuaran Texmaco Industry. Foundation Ideals Kutawaringin Subang establish a new university can be embodied in the era of the 2000. (from oke zone.com)


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