I remember when I was a journalist at a local mass media Subang, when I covered the talk show hosted by the Pioneer team that commandeered Subang District Redistricting Bambang Herdadi (former chairman of parliament Subang), then I tried to memorize-and almost-almost forgot- The theme of the last row of the Talk Show, "coast between and reality,". From then I think the theme is there any hope, a bright future for me as one of the northern community of Subang?. The answer is certainly yes! We have to do division.

Some people described as northern leaders I went to, from the start village heads, NGOs, sub-district head-district, and some local government officials Subang terrace. And all of which in essence is to support the splitting of the northern, of course, with a variety of responses and reasons.

The dynamics of democracy, justice, development pemberayaan society and the demands of community improvement and economic prosperity among a number of reasons that raised some northern leaders highly appreciate why do Pemekarannya coast. I then tried menganalogikannya and OK.

But then the question again referring to the theme of the talk show above, is there any hope of coast to bloom? Is there a post-welfare northern division? Will it all come true? Optimism was deliberately built within the framework of my thinking.

Then, so I had a discussion with some of my colleagues in the House of Ink, which is actually a coincidence most of the coast, I invite directly Sekretais Expansion Team, Kang Boing Zakaria, from the discussion I can draw the conclusion that the most fundamental reason of the northern desire to perform division is the northern communities feel marginalized, from various aspects such as infrastructure development, education concerns for example the distribution of teachers or lecturers, but it had difficulty with the northern community public services away. An illustration, a person who was seriously ill from the coast area that requires intensive care should be the way to Subang City, because in the northern region, there are no hospitals, which feared not nyampe hospital hurried person dies due to distant hospitals. What a misfortune that person. Public services are far tentunmya will affect costnya also, the coast that should get a free ID card-making pelanan melah they must pay large enough, it caused far Subang fare to the city.

From a variety of reasons, then from the experience of being someone who became deputy mass is (the member) and Bambang Boing pioneering movement Pantura Subang division.
According to one friend of mine who is also chairman of Forum Sillaturrahim coast, Dadang Juan (DJ) are eligible to become a leader in the northern are people who know the character of the people and the northern region.