Love Is Not Always Have to Have

"Love is not always have to have, Kara,"

"Love is happy comprehension as our loved ones happy," said Mama as she gives me warm hugs. I can not do anything, could only shed tears.

My though reviewed the words of Mama. True also what Mama says. Love did not always have to have, love is happy to see people we love are also happy. But what I strongly accept this? What I could see the people I love happy?


I saw my hand phone who had been shaking, accidentally turned off the tone ring, there are 11 missed calls. I saw was from Martina. With a lazy throw return my hand phone to bed. I really do not want to deal with Martina. Feels disgusted, disgusted.

Never had I expected. Martina, my best friend a
lone, even I consider to sister, heart to seize Dira, idol of my heart. Even more painful, Martina own which have been the matchmaker between me and Dira. It hurt my heart when he knew Martina and Dira was invented before the Dira 'shoot' me. how hurts my heart, in circumvention of the most I care about.


"Kara, under no Martina. He said going to see you, "said Mama while sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Get back please, mom! Kara not want to see him. Kara hate him!, "I hold sobbed. I felt anger in me, do not feel, my cheeks hot again. Mama did not say much. she just left me. Maybe this time Martina had gone home, I do not know. I do not care. Too hurt is because the behavior of Martina.

Mama went back into my room, sat beside me while occasionally stroking my hair.

"Love can not be forced, Kara. Love will choice its own way, "

"But unfortunately very similar Dira Kara," I sobbed.

"I know, but what Dira also feel the same? if we impose love. It was far more excruciating, Kara. Dira loves you wholeheartedly. But what other people think Dira is. Is that what you want? "

I was silent. Mama is true, since invented by Dira cold attitude. As if there is someone else his though

"Think again, Kara! Do not until you lose the people you care about just because of ambition, love will find his own net,. "


That day came to my home Martina, He immediately came into my room, and hugged me with his eyes welling.

"please pardon me, mbak. Ade already dead wrong mbak ..., "he sobbed. I can not anything, what I still insist want to have Dira? How cruel if I like it. I will seize the happiness of two people who I loved just to get his own happiness. It's not fair.

"Ma'am, I'm willing to break to Dira, home mbak pardon want me," she said.

My God, how selfish I was, was blocking the happiness of people who love me.

"De ..., no need. Mbak ga want to be a selfish person. Ma'am you do not want to seize happiness, "I said

"But the very same love mbak Dira,"

"Dira ga mbak love, he's in love with you" I said bluntly. It was a relief.

Martina getting flushed, he hugged me again we lost in sobs.

"I am really happy. Love is happy to see people we love happy. Dira be happy  can near with you, de!, "I say tough.

"Thanks, Kara!"

Me and Martina surprised, it sounds Dira. He was at my door. I pulled Dira until he stood beside Martina.

"Now, you are free to courtship, sorry for the selfishness. Now I realize that love can not be forced ... "

Knotted smile on the lips Martina and Dira, they hold each other hands. Initially a bit crowded. But, after that I just feel very happy.

Suddenly Dira hug. Her body was warm, and his arms felt very sincere. Much different when we were dating. I could not resist tears,. Dira wipe and, eggcup forehead.

"Thanks, kara ..." he said.

Hmmmhh. . . It was all mine have gone Viewing Dira and Martina happy, I too feel the same. Thanks mama, already make conscious Kara if that love can not be forced, if love will find its way. Kara May Kara will find love out there. (NDA)