Have you ever felt not sure?

Have you ever felt unsure of your own life? Here's the real question now is upon my mind, if children today say, I was categorized as people who are "upset", yes, troubled high-level, where the lack of conviction to face my life is being attacked.

Imagine, After I stopped teaching, resigned, I bener bener have no income, I have not finished college stepped up to 6 years, the program offers to the USA from the campus is not clear, a small business with my colleagues in the Routine Management was stagnant, even bankruptcy, I am not sure with my life and my future.

Not fair when I ask myself about my lack of self belief when faced with some problems, I think it is fair for my people, because according to one of my teachers that have a human heart, the heart in Arabic while the heart is qolbu; tsumiya bi Qolbi, likastroti taqolubihi, so named because of the frequent berbolak heart behind, so the hearts of men are turning berbolak establishment, no firm stance, and inconsistent, well, while the good man is one who can control his heart, to keep his faith, it is less delivered more of what my teacher.

Now the question? Did the reader ever marasakan anything like me? Feel unsure of yourself? And how to solve it?.


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